Build My Rank Review

Build My Rank Review – Summary

I thought it was only appropriate that my Build My Rank review is one of the first posts I make as it’s one of the services that I use the most and can comfortably recommend to anyone who is seeking improvements in search engine rankings.

I’ve seen noticeable improvements to my rankings since using Build My Rank and although it’s not the only weapon you need in the SEO battle, it’s a mighty powerful one to have.

Build My Rank Review – The Nitty Gritty

The idea behind Build My Rank is simple and by no means is it new.  You write brief posts (minimum of 150 words) and within the post you are able to include a link to your website using the anchor text of your choice.

So as an example, let’s say I wanted to rank this site for the term honest internet marketer.  I would login to my Build My Rank account, write a “post” of at least 150 words and include the words “honest internet marketer” somewhere in the post.  I would then use that text to link back to this website.

The posts that you write are then posted to a website that is withing the BMR network.  The PR page rank of these websites ranges from 0-6.


Worth mentioning for this Build My Rank review is that you get full details about exactly where your post was published.  You get to see the pagerank of the website where it was posted and also whether or not the post has been indexed yet.


What’s nice about Build My Rank is that they use various tools to make sure that these posts are indexed so that Google and the other search engines see the post and your backlink has some value.  I’ve seen a huge difference in how many posts are indexed at BMR compared to other networks such as Linkvana.  BMR blows them away.


For anyone that has used Linkvana or other blog networks, it’s often next to impossible to find out where your posts have been published.  These websites seem to guard this information with all their might, even though in reality it’s the type of information you should be given access to.


And here’s another positive checkmark for this Build My Rank review.  Although BMR doesn’t flat out show you the url of the website, you’ll see a pair of binoculars after each post in your account.

Click on it and you’ll be taken to Google where a search is run for that post.  95% of the time the website with the exact post is brought up and I’m able to see where it was posted.  This lets me take the url and use other methods, such as social bookmarking, to give an added boost to the backlink.  Brilliant!


Build My Rank Review – My Results

Let’s face it, if you’re reading a Build My Rank review there’s one thing you care about…..DOES IT ACTUALLY WORK!?!?

I have definitely seen improvements in my rankings since using BMR. 


I can easily say that I hold many first page rankings for various websites that can be partially attributed to BMR.  My rankings for existing sites that I had when I first joined have been boosted, and new websites that I publish seem to enjoy an immediate boost from giving them some links from BMR.


I’ve had many websites where the only backlinks I’ve gained are from a few articles and links from BMR, and they’ve been ranking for my targeted keywords in just a couple of weeks.  I can’t say that BMR is all you need to rank your websites, but it’s a clear winner.


If I could only pick one blog network to build backlinks from, BMR would be my choice.  I’ve seen the biggest boost in rankings from this network and I lilke that it is transparent about where they are posting my links.


My build my rank review obviously shows you that I’m head over heels with this service and I can confidently give them my full recommendation with a 5/5 rating.

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